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Who We Are

We are the Messa Circus. A term of endearment given to us by anyone who knows us due to the nature of our individual personalities which blend together like a circus.

We are an Italian family, with a big heart and enough energy to power a nation. 

After moving around the world we settled in London over 10 years ago.

We each have active careers from mainstream advertising to crystal healing and even professional ballet, and have helped launch and build numerous successful brands during our combined lifetimes.

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Our Latest Venture

A family business based in London, launched during Covid-19 times, currently operating from Ealing and growing each day.

We take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism which runs through each family member including our smallest member who is 4 years old, but already planning her business on the moon.

A Family Business

The Giubilato family (Ganna) are friends of ours. It is through this friendship, over a glass of crisp Italian wine, when we decided to bring their premium Italian bicycles over to the UK: a place where we know the Italian style is particularly appreciated.

Deeply embedded in our culture, is the importance to partner with another family business as it is only in this way that we can ensure that each product is given the quality and care that you deserve. The Ganna bicycles are a true reflection of Italian elegance and performance.

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Our Main Focus

We care about the details and our aim is to match you with your perfect bike. We want to make a contribution to the environment and aim to build a more sustainable future. As a family, we enjoy a healthy lifestyle and wish to promote this from within wherever we can.


Our goal, in short, is to see you smile.

It’s what makes us smile.

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