About GANNA 

GANNA is a historic Italian brand born in 1912 which combines style with the highest quality components. GANNA stands for careful design and application of innovative technological solutions.

The name GANNA has always been associated with the concepts of product reliability, elegance and safety. 


The Story Behind our Bicycles

The founder was Luigi Ganna, a cycling champion, born in 1883 near Varese, a true pioneer of international cycling. He won, among other important races, the first edition of the Tour of Italy.  A man mesmerised by the bicycle in an era dominated by horses. 
He ran professionally from 1904 to 1915 and was nicknamed by his fans “the King of the mud” for his extraordinary resistance to road adversities, cycling in dirty and dusty roads. He was born into a poor family of farmers. 
At a very young age he started working as a bricklayer in Milan, cycling 110 km (68.5 miles) daily from Varese to Milan and back, as the train ticket was too expensive; his secret dream was to become a cyclist and he took this commute as an opportunity to train intensely.
From 1905 Luigi Ganna began racing professionally and winning. In 1912 he considered becoming a bike manufacturer and made one for his personal use. People loved Mr Ganna and saw in him, a boy who used his willpower to achieve success despite his economic background. The newspapers called him the “Good Ganna”, as Mr Ganna always remained true to himself: introverted but generous, honest and loyal in the races, as well as in everyday life. 
In 1914 he definitively abandoned his sporting career, to concentrate on his newly founded cycling company and a racing team that achieved great victories.

In 1923 GANNA Cycles broadened it's activity to include motorcycles, expanding the brand in Italy and abroad. Luigi Ganna died in 1957 and the Italian State dedicated a commemorative stamp and the Varese velodrome to him. Over the years GANNA Cycles grew and in 1982 it was acquired by GIUBILATO Cycles, another great player in the world of bicycles, on the market since 1940. Thus began it's expansion also to foreign markets, mainly France, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and the United States.

More than a hundred years have passed since Luigi Ganna built his first bicycle, but GIUBILATO Cycles has been able to increase and preserve the historical value of the GANNA brand whilst keeping its characteristic unchanged: an entirely Italian production which guarantees both it's originality and high quality standards.

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